Red Knight swimmers make waves at state

Robby Sutherland

Hard work and determination during the season was paying off as six Red Knight swimmers submerged into the University of Minnesota’s pool on March 6. Throughout the long, rigorous season, this was the one date they were preparing for above all, the meet they singled out from the rest––the state tournament.

For these athletes, preparing for State is a long process that starts far beyond the beginning of the season. “It felt great to do well because of all the hard work that came together at the meet,” said sophomore Jack McGinn, who finished in fourth place in the 500. “It was especially cool to be on the podium and receive my medal.”

McGinn wasn’t the only Red Knight swimmer to find success at the state meet, however. Senior captain JD Quinby competed in both the (event) and (event), sophomore Parker Johnson competed in the (event), and BSM sent two relay teams to the meet. “I didn’t medal but in the end I placed twelfth and fourteenth over a couple hundred swimmers in the entire state,” said Quinby.

With a team of 20 swimmers ranging from seventh to twelfth grade, captains JD Quinby and Ryan Morrissey play a large role in leading and coaching their younger teammates. “Being a captain was incredibly fun,” said Quinby. “It was very exciting and awesome to have a great season, actually one of the best ever, and win so many meets and have so many people go to state.”

Damon Carrison, the team’s head coach, has helped firmly establish the program in just six short years, and, boasting a 6-3 record this year, the Red Knights have improved drastically since their inception. “This is the best the team has ever done in its six seasons,” said Quinby. “We really improved over the last few seasons.”
According to McGinn, the goal for the team’s talented underclassmen now is to keep improving both individually and as a team. “I am very happy with the team’s performance this season. We lost five seniors from graduation [last year] but we picked up some newcomers that did really well.”

For three sophomores and a freshman, Jack McGinn, Scott Quinby, Parker Johnson and Alex Roe got a feel for competing at state and will grow off their experience. “It was nice to have the experience of participation in the state tournament last year because I knew what to expect so I wasn’t in a state of awe like last year,” said McGinn. “I was able to focus more on my goals and get down to business right away.”

With these future swim team leaders already making their way on the podium, the future of BSM swim team looks promising.