Secret sophomore singer

Annalisa Huge

Preparing for a summer concert in London, sophomore Meme Halpern travels around the world with her award-winning girls choir. Growing up singing in her elementary school choir, Halpern learned to use her talent to compete in festivals and entertain crowds.

Halpern is one of 45 girls in the Twin Cities Partners in Praise Choir, which she has been involved in for four years. “It’s really awesome because a lot of my friends from other schools are involved in it, so it is very fun,” said Halpern.

Each summer, Halpern and the rest of the choir go somewhere to perform or compete. Last summer, Partners and Praise Choir went to Greece. “We were the first American choir to be accepted into the International Choral Festival of Prevenza, so it was really neat,” said Halpern.

Besides special events in the summer, Halpern performs with her choir throughout the year. “We generally have one or two concerts a month, but it gets very exciting during the Christmas season when we do at least 20,” said Halpern.

Halpern is not a part of the BSM choir, so some people find it a surprise that she even sings. “A lot of people don’t know that I am even in a choir because I don’t star in the school plays or perform at Mass,” said Halpern.

Singing is a cherished hobby of Halpern’s, but she doesn’t intend to further involve herself with choir after high school. “I think I will stay in the choir through high school, but I probably won’t sing during college because it’s not something I want to make a career out of, it’s just something I love to do,” said Halpern.

Through choir, Halpern has met many talented people from all over the globe. “Going to Greece was an amazing opportunity, there were choirs from all over the world, and I met people from Germany, Belize, Poland, Greece, and a lot more,” said Halpern.

Halpern plans to fly to London, England this July to perform in the Somerset International Choral Festival in Wells Cathedral and Sherborne Abbey. “The trip is two weeks long, but the festival is just a week. For the rest of the time, we will sight see and perform all over the country,” said Halpern.