Beloved art teacher Mrs. Jacobson retires

Aimee Brown and Aimee Brown

The projected retirement of one teacher produced a mass effect of chatter among students and the creation of a “Survivor” t-shirt day among faculty. Mrs. Sue Jacobson, a photo teacher and judge of BSM’s art and literary magazine Apotheosis, officially announced her departure around Thanksgiving.

It is a weird transition to think about, especially considering so much of her time has been dedicated to this school. “All of my adult life I grew up at Benilde-St. Margaret’s,” said Mrs. Jacobson, a valued member of BSM’s art department for the past 33-and-a-half years.

However, retirement also has its perks and has given her a chance to do something new. “I have to figure out what I want to be when I grow up…I’m going to Thailand in March and I am going to volunteer at my daughter’s kindergarten class and I’m just going to have summer everyday…Everyday I do something that makes me happy, that’s my life,” said Mrs. Jacobson.

An avid biker, photographer, and fan of the TV show “Survivor,” Mrs. Jacobson’s added enthusiasm and positivity to those around her has been truly appreciated.