Athlete of the Week: JD Quinby

Meredith Cannon

KE: How do you think the team is doing this year?
JQ: Incredible, we’ve really improved and we’re one the best teams in the conference behind St. Louis Park.

KE: How long have you been swimming?
JQ: Since I was six years old.

KE: Did your parents want you to be a swimmer?
JQ: Yes, they thought it was a great recreational sport that was also very healthy for you.

KE: Do you have any plans for swimming in the future?
JQ: Yes, I plan to swim in college, but hopefully it will grow into something i do as I make my way through life.

KE: Where are you looking to potentially swim in college?
JQ: St. John’s or St. Thomas.

KE: What’s your favorite part of the sport?
JQ: Swimming is very individual and personally I feel more accomplished than I would in other sports, and it’s an awesome workout.

KE: What are your hopes for the team this year?
JQ: I hope we place really well at sections and I hope we get a couple relay teams to state along with individuals.

KE: How have you personally been doing this year?
JQ: I have got all of my state cuts and I haven’t lost a race yet.

KE: What do you like to do when you’re not swimming?
JQ: I like to chill and listen to T-Pain.

KE: Do you play any other sports?
JQ: Yes, I play baseball for Hamel and I golf.

KE: How many meets have you won?
JQ: We finished off 5-2 in conference and 7-3 overall.