Sweet Treats at Patrick’s

Addie Reine

The artfully crafted French-inspired creations at Patrick’s Bakery and Café seem almost too stunning to eat. Thankfully, the daring decision to take a bite into the exquisite creation will not have been in vain after you realize that the appearance only complements the taste.

Patrick’s provides miniature tarts and pastries, alongside regular-sized desserts, for even the smallest cravings. Desserts––such as the Fruit Tart topped with a splash of color––pack a tangy punch despite its miniature size.

Patrick’s also serves up miniature chocolate raspberry cake. White chocolate drizzles, decadent dark chocolate layers, all topped with a single raspberry sprinkled with powdered sugar; the rich, seductive layers entice all senses, epitomizing authentic French bakery cuisine.

However, do not allow the enchanting sirens of the desserts coax you from the already delightful atmosphere. The Bachman’s greenhouse location on Lyndale Avenue complements any meal with the scent of fresh plants. As the dining area is nestled inside of the greenhouse itself, it serves as a convenient escape from unpredictable and unpleasant Minnesota winters.

Patrick’s Bakery and Cafe presents an array of delectable dessert options and proves that not only can art be intriguing, but edible while proving that authentic French food can be experienced right here in Minnesota.