New registration procedure

Emily Busch

On March 9 students will have two homeroom periods, in order to coordinate the registration process, one in the morning and one at the end of the day. For registration for the 2010-2011 school year, students are required to have their teachers approve the classes they are taking next year.

The system will be different from previous years; as usual students will receive the Program of Studies, but after that the process is new. Students will receive a copy of the sheet that they will have the teachers sign. This sheet will contain the list of classes that students will be allowed to take. During classes their teachers will explain the electives for their department. “On March 9, the students will go to homeroom where they will receive the final copy of their class sign-up sheet, and during the day they will have their teachers sign the sheet,” said Dr. Skinner, principal.

Administrators want to make sure that students are choosing the classes that are going to be the most valuable to them by having students talk to their teachers about the classes they want to take. “Our goal is to have students make careful choices when they choose their classes,” said Dr. Sue Skinner.

In the past many students have waited until Red Knight Round-Up to finalize their class lists, something that tends to cause problems with the master schedule. “We are trying to get away from the idea that Round-Up is the time to pick classes,” said Dr. Skinner.

Registration reorganization will help manage the classes for next year by telling administration which classes students want to take, this makes it easier to build the master schedule. Having students sign up in advance tells administration what classes teachers will be teaching and how many sections of the class need to be offered. “This way we can eliminate classes that don’t have enough popularity and we can create more sections for classes that a lot of students want to take,” said Dr. Skinner.

The plan is that with these new requirements, students will be taking the classes that are the best for them. “Hopefully we can help students make the right choices for them. We want students to take classes that they will enjoy, but also classes that are at the right level–we just want to help the students,” said Dr. Skinner.