VV Brown hits the spot with retro album

Kate Schumacher

Recently featured on The Current, pop singer VV Brown has just released her best album yet, “Traveling like the Light.” VV Brown channels Amy Winehouse by singing with a voice inspired by music from the 50s and 60s. “Traveling like the Light” is yet another of her albums paying homage to the energetic and retro sounds of the past with a modern twist.

VV Brown, otherwise known as Vanessa Brown, sings with a soothing personality especially shown throughout the song, “I Love You.” This track helps show the dark and mysterious side of Brown’s voice. The message Brown expresses is her strong love and compassion for a certain someone, wishing for more time with her love.

Not only does Brown give off the feel of abandonment in “I Love You,” but she also displays extreme talent as a musical artist in the album. This talent is extremely visible while listening to the track “Everybody.” This song has a more up-beat tune and also was written with unforgettable lyrics. Showing a more smooth and refined side of her voice, Brown becomes aware of the talent she can perform to the listeners.

Of all the tracks, the most memorable was “Shark in the Water.” Brown’s best work is easily shown in this track. As a lively acoustic guitar plays the up-beat, there are also the backing vocals adding a more calm vibe with a catchy, yet smooth rhythm.

“Back in Time” and “L.O.V.E” both show Brown’s sense of fun while producing her songs. She added a more rigid and edgy theme in these songs by playing the piano in the background of “L.O.V.E” and singing with scuffed vocals throughout “Back in Time.” These attributes set Brown aside from most artists in today’s music business; being able to pull off the retro-themed music is an extraordinary talent.

Brown not only gives off a vintage feel, but she also possesses a soulful voice. Brown reminds her listeners how entertaining and interesting 60s music could be and creates memorable lyrics, with indescribable instrumentals played throughout several songs. This album expresses Brown’s confident and powerful voice as she shows her extreme talent for music.