New student teacher is pursuing his dream

Danielle Kincs

For most of us, high school is the first step towards college, careers, and our future. However, for Mr. Alan McCarthy, going back to high school is the last step before his new career.

Mr. McCarthy didn’t come back to high school to learn the subjects again; rather, he came to teach them. Mr. McCarthy is BSM’s newest student-teacher, and he works with Mr. Dan Bowler and Ms. Michelle Fristrom in the math department. “The [student teaching] program is the last step before getting my teacher’s license,” said Mr. McCarthy, who is currently involved in the program through the University of St. Thomas.

Originally from the Chicago area, Mr. McCarthy had previously attended the University of Illinois. “I studied Actuarial Science, a form of applied mathematics,” said Mr. McCarthy. From there, he had jobs as an actuary and a broker.

It was when he got laid off from his job when he began to pursue a career in education. “I had two choices. I could stay in the business and move or stay in the area [and pursue a new career],” said Mr. McCarthy, “I had a heart to heart with myself…I had always wanted to become a teacher.”

About a year-and-a-half ago, he began taking classes to qualify for his teacher’s license. “I needed education classes and five to six math classes,” said Mr. McCarthy, who notices the age differences in his classes,”I’m an older student-teacher…Most [people] in my class are under 25 [but] I’m not the oldest.”

Coming back to high school, Mr. McCarthy has noticed a lot of differences between BSM and his own high school experience, being that he went to an all-boys school. “It was fun to start during Catholic Schools Week,” said Mr. McCarthy, who was pleasantly surprised by our pepfest and the BSM dance team.

Having been a softball coach for eight years, Mr. McCarthy may also help out with the BSM softball teams. “I [have been] welcoming cheers for BSM as long as it’s not at a freshmen volleyball game,” said Mr. McCarthy, whose daughter plays volleyball for De La Salle.

Planning on student-teaching for the next three months, Mr. McCarthy is looking forward to his time at BSM. “Everyone’s been very welcoming…I still feel new [though]. Which is fun.”