Athlete of the Week: Grant Besse

Robby Sutherland

Knight Errant: What organization did you go through before BSM?
Grant Besse: I played for Wayzata for 10 years.

KE: What was it like to play against your former team?
GB: It was probably my favorite game this year. Playing against Wayzata instead of for them and beating them was awesome.

KE: Did you play with anyone on Wayzata’s varsity team?
GB: Mario Lucia. We were old line-mates.

KE: Who are your hockey influences?
GB: Probably Georges Laraque because I like the way [he] plays the body and scraps it up.

KE: How many goals do you wish to get by the end of the season?
GB: I want to average one a game for the rest of the year. That would bring me to 30 I think.

KE: How do the upperclassmen treat you as a freshman?
GB: Good, except when captain Will Nelson put clear tape on my blades and I fell on the ice.

KE: Besides scoring goals, what else do you want to accomplish?
GB: I really want to win sections but its going to be tough because we have some tough teams like Wayzata and [Minnetonka].

KE: What are your expectations for sections?
GB: Well once we get [Patrick] Daly back, our defensive line will get a lot better. Having [Brett Patterson] healthy will help a lot too.