Classics Club bringing culture back

Mary Musilek

Finally, a club that will fulfill every student’s chariot racing needs: Classics Club. New to BSM this semester, the Classics Club, headed by sophomore Nicole Sauer, will incorporate Greek and Roman culture into any member’s life.

After moving to Minnesota from Missouri, Sauer was disappointed to learn that BSM didn’t have a Latin Club like her old school. “I was a member of the Latin Club at my previous school in Missouri, and I had a really great time at every event. I miss it a lot, so I decided to start one,” said Sauer.

At BSM, however, the new Latin Club will be known as Classics Club. “The name is Classics Club rather than Latin Club because we wanted membership to be open to all students,” said Sauer.

When word first got out that BSM was going to be sponsoring a Classics Club, many students immediately dismissed the idea for they thought it involved actual knowledge of the Latin language. “Some people have asked me if we are going to just talk and translate Latin the whole time, and it’s going to be nothing like that,” said Sauer, “the goal of Classics Club is for students to have fun with Greek and Roman culture.”

Besides having monthly meetings, the club will develop and host different events. “Classics Club is going to have our first event, BSM Olympics, at the end of February. We thought that, with the Winter Olympics this month, our own Olympic games would be a fun first event,” said Sauer.

Sauer and her fellow Classic Club founders, Paul Kretsch, Chris Sather, Juliet Beckstrand, Karen Valde, Ben Rosengren, and Frankie Massaroni, have come up with numerous ideas for events to have at BSM. “We’re thinking about doing a Myth Feast where everyone has the option to come dressed as a Greek or Roman god/goddess, eat Italian food, and do different activities involving mythology, a movie night, a Mr. and Mrs. Roma Competition, a Rent-a-Roman event in which people can pay for different volunteers from Latin classes to do something embarrassing (with the approval of Mr. Epler) in front of their whole Latin class sometime that week, a build-your-own-chariot-using-moving-boxes chariot racing, and maybe even a Harry Potter party where we would do activities based on all the classical references J.K. Rowling uses,” said Sauer.

Classics Club is still open to all students and anyone can join by signing up on the sheet on Mr. Epler’s door (room 25). “Anyone is welcome to come to our events,” said Sauer, “we want people to bring their friends and have fun.”