Speech Team

Mary Musilek

It’s here. With the help of clever advertising (signs with the phrase “It’s coming”) BSM’s Speech team is back and bigger than ever with 100 participants competing in 13 different categories.

Mrs. Maura Brew, the head coach, is thrilled to have such a large team this year. “It is the biggest team I have ever been a part of,” said Mrs. Brew, “and that is a great sign for the team and the years to come.”

Still early in the season, the coaches and captains are optimistic about the year ahead and are ready to face the toughest competitors. “We are going to rock the big schools this year. They won’t even see us coming,” said co-captain Ian Hamilton, senior.

The coaches have even scheduled an in-house tournament on January 23 in order for the team to prepare. “We have a lot of novices and the in-house tournament will give the novices a chance to experience a tournament in a non-threatening way,” said Mrs. Brew, “and it will be a chance to see what outside judges think of our team.”

So far, the coaches have been thrilled by the enthusiasm of the team. “I am happily stunned that the entire team has been on time [to our full team meetings] and very attentive, and I think that says a lot about the sense of commitment,” said Mrs. Brew.

Mrs. Brew believes the team has great potential and is very excited, and the captains agree. “We have five novices [in Storytelling], including one seventh grader, who surprise me every Tuesday with their determination and their creativity when they tell their stories to Ms. Koshiol and I,” said Hamilton, “and I know that they are just going to go in and wow the judges.”

The captains know that this year will be a success and are thankful for their coaches. “Mrs. Brew has really been an amazing head coach and all the other coaches have been great. They have gotten everybody through jams and have been really supportive, especially for the novices,” said co-captain Natalie Duthoy, senior.

On January 30, the Speech team will have its first outside tournament at Eden Prairie. “If people are interested to see how incredible our team is, I suggest they consider coming and watching for a couple of rounds and cheer on their fellow Red Knights,” said Hamilton.