Art Awards

Margo Graff

Teachers in the literary and visual arts department submit beautifully crafted poems and stories, textured paintings, detailed drawings and molded sculptures to the Minneapolis College of Art and Design (MCAD) Scholastic Art Awards regional competition. The MCAD awards Merit Awards, Silver and Gold Keys to students with note-worthy artwork. Students receiving the Gold Key then move on to a national competition in Washington D.C., at the Corkland Museum of Art.

Each teacher throughout the state is allowed to submit up to 10 pieces of artwork. “The MCAD Scholastic Art Awards is the largest scholarship program for the visual, preforming and literary arts and is a really great opportunity for students to receive college scholarships,” said clay teacher, Ms. Theresa Puffer.

For portfolios each student has to send at least eight photos and a statement about his or her portfolio; one artist who stood out for the photography category was senior Dann Fry. “Dann’s portfolio showed good strength and great composition. He has great versatility and mastery of digital photography,” said photography teacher, Mrs. Sue Jacobson.

There is no set criteria for what the judges are looking for in each category. Each year the judges change and it is hard to know what they are truly looking for, each judge values different aspects. Some like realistic and professional artwork, others free and imaginative pieces. Sophmore Katie Cashmen’s painting, awarded a Silver Key, was one piece that stood out in the category of painting. “Her paintings show good quality of color mixing and originality,” said painting teacher, Mrs. Jan Johnson.

Senior Maddie Bergh–who has been in clay for four years–and junior Nick Kim–who just started this year–both received awards in the Merit category with Kim also receiving an award for another piece in the Silver Key section. “Bergh is really good with taking 2D objects and transforming them 3D and with Kim, he has amazing ideas and knows how to put them to life,” said Ms. Puffer.

Eighteen students throughout senior high have submitted pieces for the visual arts categories and all have won Merit awards or the Silver Key awards. Each category will have four to five college professors in the arts come from all over the country to judge works in their categories. These pieces are on display at the MCAD gallery from January 22nd to February 21, with an award show finishing off the showing, on February 21.