Athlete of the Week: Isaiah Zierden

Theresa Lau

KE: How long have you been playing basketball?
IZ: “I have been playing basketball since i was 3.”

KE:What has been your favorite memory in basketball?
IZ: “My favorite memory was winning a city championship in Detroit.”

KE: How many points do you have this season?
IZ: “Over 100 but i dont know exactly.”

KE: What are your hopes for the season?
IZ: “My hopes for the season are to win a state championship.”

KE: What do you do in the off season?
IZ: “I play on an AAU team called Howard Pulley and I work out a lot with my dad.”

KE: What are you plans/hopes for the future?
IZ: “I would like to play college basketball. I have gotten a couple letters, but I’m not allowed to talk to them yet.”