Life Unexpected

Katie McClurg

While the CW’s biggest hit, “Gossip Girl,” is on a temporary hiatus, the covetted time spot is being filled with a new show, “Life Unexpected.” Created by Liz Tigelaar, “Life Unexpected” is a sweet and refreshing dramedy comparable to that of “Juno” and “Gilmore Girls.”

This heart-warming comedy is a nice change of pace for the network. Similair to past shows, when the network was still under the name The WB, such as “7th Heaven” and “Dawson’s Creek,” “Life Unexpected” tells the story of an unconventional family learning to cope with life’s surprises.

Cate, the over-achieving highschool valedictorian and Baze, the football star, have a one night stand after winter formal their sophomore year. Cate becomes pregnant and Baze refuses to acknowledge the hook up ever happened, and so she has the baby and gives it up for adoption. All unbeknownst to Baze who thought Cate “took care of it.”

Fast forward 16 years to the present and meet their daughter, wisecracking and sarcastic Lux. Lux has grown up in the foster care system and while attempting to file for emancipation finds her birth parents.

Cate, now a successful radio host, and Baze, who owns his own bar, haven’t spoken in years, but after a turn of events they end up with joint legal custody of Lux. Still in shock and filled with remorse and regret the two attempt to work together to do what is best for Lux. Romances are rekindled, relationships complicated, and past issues resurface as the characters grow-up and learn how to love.

Although the plausibility behind some of the plot doesn’t quite always add up, “Life Unexpected” is the kind of feel-good, family dramedy that we haven’t seen in years.

Life Unexpected airs Mondays at 8pm on the CW.