Jones’ Christmas sweater tradition stays strong

Margaret Miller

There are many ways that high-school students are able to tell that the holiday season is on its way. Either students pick up on the fact that the weather is getting colder, the tests are never ending, or there is nothing but Christmas songs playing on the radio. However, for BSM students, the major hint is when Dean Keith Jones whips out his festive seasonal sweaters.

This holiday look has been mastered by Mr. Jones. He has been collecting Christmas sweaters since he was in high school, and since then his collection has continued to grow, “I must have around 50 of them” said Jones “there are definitely a lot.”

Hardly a winter day goes by where Mr. Jones is not spotted wearing a funky Christmas sweater, “when it gets colder is when they are mostly worn,” said Mr. Jones. In fact, in past years students created a “Sweater Wednesday” in honor of this Christmas-themed look.

Mr. Jones admits that he has no particular store he buys his sweaters from, “I usually get them when I’m traveling,” said Mr. Jones “I go to places like thrift stores all over the place.” Mr. Jones’ collection is not only made up of his personal purchases, but they are often times given to him as gifts by his relatives in Norway.

Although Mr Jones has no favorite sweater, many of them have quite a story behind them. “That blue and red checkered sweater I have was actually my grandfather’s,” said Mr. Jones “I’ve also gotten some sweaters from different places in the USA, even some in Nepal.”

Other teachers say that the Mr. Jones look is perfect for the holiday season, “I’m a big fan of The Jones,” said Mrs. Andersen, “he makes me look good.” Mr. Bowler even added “it’s very nice if you like that sort of thing.”

With the cold and long days of Minnesota, Mr. Jones will continue to wear his unique collection in the hallways of BSM, hoping that in the near future more students will participate. “I think that the students need to start the Sweater Wednesdays up again. Tell them to do it,” said Mr. Jones.