Twin Cities’ Best – Mac n’ Cheese

Margo Graff

For everyone who is or might be a novice at picking out a great mac n’ cheese, there are three different variables to measure if a mac n’ cheese is up to par or not: what kind of cheese is the sauce composed of, the texture and heaviness of the sauce, and lastly, if there is any breadcrumbs or bacon that makes it unique.

Jimmy’s Food and Cocktails, Minnetonka
Jimmy’s features contemporary and traditional American cuisine with global influences. For only $6, the kids’ mac n’ cheese is a hearty serving for even an adult. This mac n’ cheese with penne rigate noodles and a thick alfredo and velveeta sauce that melts in your mouth is perfect without any extra garnishing or additives.

Panera, Eden Prairie, Plymouth, St. Louis Park
The brand new addition to the Panera menu is the mac n’ cheese. The Vermont white cheddar with a touch of mild American is the perfect balance of sharp and creamy, making this mac n’ cheese beyond compare. For $7.99 the proportion is a little small but the sauce makes up for it.

Joey Nova’s Pizzeria and Grilled Subs, Minneapolis, Excelsior
For only $7, this Penne pasta saturated creamy cheddar-asiago sauce will fill anyone up. With the huge serving sizes and true Macaroni noodles, this dish is a real all-American macaroni. The key ingredient that makes this dish stand out is the sprinkled bread-crumb crust, giving it a thick, creamy, and crunchy texture.

Noodles, Minneapolis, Edina, Plymouth
As the warm homemade cheese sauce on the bottom of the bowl melts the fresh cheddar and jack blend shredded on top, customers receive a freshly made mac n’ cheese every time. For only $5.63 for a regular and $4.56 for a small, the Wisconsin mac n’ cheese is a classic favorite of many.

Kincaid’s, Bloomington, St. Paul
For just $6, Kincaid’s mac n’ cheese stands out far more then any other. Featured as a side to share with two or three people, the grier, fontina and cheddar cheeses create a fusion of a sharp and creamy texture. Topped with baked bread crumbs and mixed in bacon chunks, these extra additives add a real meatiness to the great cheesy flavor.