Boys’ basketball home opener

Morgan Rogers

The Red Knights’ varsity boys basketball team has won all their games so far, giving them a 5-0 winning season. The game against the Academy of Holy Angels Stars was no different; the boys secured a win at their home opener by outscoring their opponents 84-60. The Red Knights’ strong defense kept the Stars’ main scorer, Cole Frechette, to only 14 points.

The boys did not expect an easy game going into it, and knew that they would have to play to the best of their abilities. “[The Stars] always have a good team, so we just needed to play well and hopefully win,” said senior captain Darren Glover.

The Red Knights started the game by winning the tip-off and having many three point attempts in the first half. The most exciting series of plays came when the Red Knights scored ten consecutive points, capped off with a 4-point play by sophomore point guard Isaiah Zierden.

Throughout the course of the game, three technical fouls were given out: two against AHA and one against BSM. The first one was against the Stars because their head coach was arguing with the ref; the second one was also against AHA when a player shoved Zierdan down on defense. The last technical was against sophomore guard Sanjay Lumpkin because he intentionally slapped the backboard on a defensive play.

Defensively, senior captain Seth Marx led the team in rebounds, with Myles Barnes contributing many as well. BSM finished the game scoring 43 points in the second half compared to the Stars’ 31. Zierden wrapped up the night with 23 points, while Lumpkin and Marx both had 14.

The boys are off to a good start, and hope to maintain this momentum for the rest of the season. Their next game is against the Minnetonka Skippers on Tuesday December 22 at 7:45 at Benilde.