Yum! Restaurant more than just a bakery

Addie Reine

You peer into the bakery window and suddenly you’re five years old. The swirled snowdrifts of frosting dusted with a touch of shining sprinkles top jumbo cupcakes by an inch, instantly engaging all of your senses. But no sooner than you start to drool do you notice that next to the delectable cupcakes sits an even bigger coconut-saturated pure white cake.

Needing to give your senses a rest, you take a step back reluctantly to restrain yourself from jumping through the glass case. But unexpectedly some steamy and familiar scent encompasses your nostrils and the pizza being carried by the waitress draws your attention to the fact that not only does that pizza smell amazing but that to your right lies an entire section of the restaurant you failed to notice while you gazed longingly at the sweet and delightful delicacies. Salivary gland production is in full mode.

But, what is this? A line leading to the ordering counter? At least there is time to decide on whether to have a light salad, husky Reuben or maybe even that traditional pizza that oh so dauntingly drew you over here in the first place. This may be what your first experience at yum! consists of.

Bustling and bright during a busy lunch hour, this modern take on the classic cafe gives an upscale feel to even the most simple of diners. Ranging from an elegant acorn squash soup to your traditional option of pepperoni pizza, this diner certainly accommodates all.

Joyful rays of light skitter through giant windows to create an airy atmosphere in the midst of the crowded lunch hour. The rugged wooded floors, open-ceiling, and springy yellow flowers contrast with the stark white interior walls paired with metal silver and brass rods that make up the chairs, light fixtures, and ordering counters. Contemporary and homey aspects give this casual dining experience a kitchen feel with an upscale twist.

Because of the two separate ordering counters, one for the bakery and coffee and one for the main menu dishes, there is the combination of a coffeehouse mixed with the restaurant as well which attracts young families along with your stereotypical business folk who claim Starbucks as their office.

Children and parents can both find a happy medium between home-made traditional and daring new dishes with the added plus that it is added plus that it is all created from scratch. For instance the side dish of macaroni and cheese will have every kid begging to come back while the parents have endless options of untried foods such as oatmeal brulee. And whether the hunger pangs pull you in for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or just coffee, you’re sure to be in luck since the business hours are a consistent 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. daily. Even if your on the run, yum! offers the popular option of takeout for you to enjoy later.

Voted best in the Twin Cities three years in a row, the “Patti Cake” has remained this family-owned business’s success. This outwardly simple yet abounding with sweetness one-of-a-kind creation keeps customers coming back time after time. Twin Cities Eats described the cake as “an excellent combination of moistness and deep chocolate-y goodness.”

Although most of the menu is steady year-round, Yum! offers an ever changing seasonal menu to keep things interesting. During this Christmas season it includes mashed potatos, cinnamon bread and holidazzle salad.