Smoothie shop is undoubtedly king

Meredith Gallagher

Instead of Jamba Juice like always, try going to Smoothie King for your after-school snack. This stop, located just on the corner of Cedar Lake Road and Parkdale Drive, offers more than 50 different flavors of smoothies. Since 1973, the chain has focused all of its attention on producing the perfect smoothie–and they’ve come pretty darn close.

Not only are the smoothies truly delicious, Smoothie King has also made an effort to offer a large selection of healthy options. The smoothie choices are split up on the menu into six different sections: Stay Healthy, Trim Down, Get Energy, Build Up, Snack Right, and–for those who really don’t care about the calories or grams of fat–Indulge.

With so many options, everyone can find something they like at this smoothie joint. The Smoothie King’s only drawback is the high prices. With tax, it costs nearly $5 for a small, but the portions are huge and the cost issue is easily remedied by splitting with a friend.