Weight room

Margaret Miller

Really, I swear I can lift more the five pounds. It might seem sad to you, but arm running does work your shoulders. Of course, this fact seems unimportant to the broad-shouldered, peck-bursting, bicep-curling males of the BSM weight room. The intense competition between these four walls leaves the strong students stronger and the weak students embarrassed.

The most uncomfortable part about the weight room is not only the entrance, but the 300 pound weights flying around followed by long grunts and power chants. With an iPod attached to the speakers, out-dated songs and heavy breathing are the only things to be heard.

As a girl athlete and a member of cross country running and skiing, weight room exercises are key for training. I find that I am always entering the weight room with not only fear and intimidation, but a large amount of insecurity. The sweat and body odor of the senior and junior guys is not only an overwhelming stench, but something they seem to take pride in.

As I stand in the corner timing myself for a two minute “arm running” session, I notice the stares of contempt I receive from all the buff football and basketball players that are present. These stares not only contain pity, but disgust. I’m sorry that I find bench-pressing the bar difficult. I’m sorry that I don’t find it fun to do pull-ups and dumbbells until I can’t move my shoulders.

Lately I have found myself avoiding the weight room every chance I get, making excuses for not having to go in. My leg hurts. I pulled a muscle in my arm. Finally after looking over the true reasons, I was able to come up with a good solution. “I will go to the gym by my house and do weights after the run,” I said to my coach, “that weight room is just too crowded with all the football guys and basketball trainers.”

On my way to the gym, I realized how pathetic I really was. I was driving to a separate weight room, one equally as crowded and smelly. My goal wasn’t to just do my arm-running in peace, but to stay far from my metal-pumping, starting varsity, unimaginably strong guy friends.

The intensity of this weight room doesn’t just go on for one season, but is around until the days of school have come to an end. Are students really that obsessed with this smelly weight room that they find themselves eager to return to it? Is this weight room really that important to our male population that they go back to school over summer vacation?

So for all you weight room regulars, try to understand this point of view from all the girls and even the freshmen boys. We will be the ones who are standing together awkwardly in one of the corners, and don’t worry, we feel just as weak as you think we are.