Drama department performs Charlie Brown

Addie Reine

Whisping away the audience in a stream of light-hearted, warm and comical scenes,”You’re a Good Man Charlie Brown” went above and beyond expectations. A well known classic, this production captured every aspect of the original Charlie Brown series as it premiered on Friday, November 6.

Nate Muckley, playing the role of Charlie Brown, is no stranger to BSM’s stage. “I have been in all the plays since seventh grade,” said Nate.

In contrast to previous plays Nate plays a more somber role. “It’s pretty fun, although I have to be depressed a lot because Charlie is a depressing guy,” said Nate

The character of Charlie Brown contrasts with Nate’s personality. “Charlie Brown is really sad all the time and I’m really happy,” said Nate.

Although portraying a somewhat pathetic and depressing character, Nate doesn’t let that put a damper on his attitude. “My favorite part [of the play] is the opening number,” said Nate. In the opening number the audience receives a taste and tone for the play as characters present a brief preview of the play accompanied by an up-beat musical overview of the play as well.

As a vocal and orchestra director, Mrs. Stockhaus assists the cast with preparations; she has nothing but wonderful things to say about the play. “It’s great for kids. It has really good and peppy music,” said Mrs. Stockhaus.

Another thing that makes Charlie Brown a unique musical are the themes which allow all audience members to relate in one way or another. “There are adult themes played out in cartoon characters,” said Mrs. Stockhaus.

Mrs. Stockhaus also praises the talented actors who performed in the production. “Jack Abraham has never been in a musical and has done a great job,” said Mrs. Stockhaus.

Jack put extra time into perfecting his character. “I would play with my dog and when I would take him on walks I would write down things that I noticed about him. I paid special attention to dogs everywhere I went,” said Jack.

While studying his character, Jack found similarities and differences with his character and himself. “Snoopy is generally really happy which I am so that’s cool, [but] Snoopy is also really dramatic and I’m not,” said Jack.

Blowing away the audience, Jack has a blast performing his first lead in a play. ” My favorite part is the Red Baron monologue where Snoopy gets on top of his doghouse and pretends to fight the Red Baron,” said Jack

Charlie Brown’s beloved little sister Sally, played by Sarah Farley (senior), is also familiar to the stage at BSM. “It’s different from other parts I have played. It’s bubbly, up-beat and light-hearted,” said Sarah.

The reason that Mr. Effertz, Mrs. Nancy Stockhaus and Mrs. Caroline Stroh, production manager, decided on this play is simple. “We thought that it would be good for a small cast musical, but other than that we just liked it,” said Mr. Effertz.