Skip-a-Final should be based on grades

Emily Busch

We all know that skip-a-final has been canceled because of the flu. Rather than letting the skip-a-final policy dissapear into oblivion, this is the perfect opportunity for the administrators to edit and revise the skip-a-final policy. A new skip-a-final should be based on grades not on perfect attendance.

If a I have an “A” in a class, obviously I understand the material. I should not be retested on material that I clearly know and understand. I should not be required to take finals in classes that I have a good grade in.

There are many advantages to having a skip-a-final based on grades. The first is that students would be more motivated to get good grades so they would work harder throughout the school year to learn the materials right away rather than cramming at the end of a semester and hoping to boost their grades.

Many juniors and seniors are aware of the stress of AP US History, they spend hours defining terms, answering questions, and studying for tests. By the end of the semester they have learned mass amounts of information, and the last thing they need to do is spend hours studying for a final in a class when they have already proven that they understand the material.

With a skip-a-final based on grades, students’ stress levels would be lowered because they would be able to focus on one thing at a time throughout the semester, rather than so many topics in so many classes right before finals.

When the semester ends, I won’t need to spend time studying information that I already understand because I will skip those finals. Instead I will be able to work on understanding subjects that I struggle with and do not have an “A” in.