Fall Trends – Reviving the 80’s

Katie McClurg

For some people, vintage is always in, but as we get farther into fall, ensembles embellished with studs and leather make it clear that fashion of the 80’s is making its come back with more than just bold fashionistas. Models in the Marc Jacobs fall 2008 line donned the rebellious plaids, mini skirts, studded accessories, and skin tight leathers which, in addition to other inventive designers, led to the reinvention of these 80’s classics.

Also, shows like “Gossip Girl” and “The City” popularize over-the-top fashion, leading girls across the country to experiment with more adventurous trends. Major stores like Macy’s and Urban Outfitters now have racks of cropped leather jackets, metallic leggings, and buffalo plaid shirts, making these styles easily accessible. But if grunge isn’t really your style, don’t feel like you have to conform. It’s better to mix and match grunge pieces with preppy jackets or boho accessories to make this look your own.