Passwords for printing

Margaret Miller

Fast last-minute printing has been turned into a longer process with the new security system added into the school’s computers. Now to be able to print, students must enter in their school assigned identification name along with their student password.

This security procedure, commonly referred to as “passwords for printing,” has made quite an impression on both the students and staff. “The administration made the painfully difficult decision [to add password for printing] to understand the school’s global printing scale,” said Steve Pohlen, head of the technology department. “We really didn’t want it to be too much of a hassle.”

The technology department has now adding a log-in step before pressing print for a number of reasons. “It was added so that we could cut down a bit on the costs of printing and then also to, well, do the ‘going green’ type thing,” said Mr. Pohlen. The decision was made both to save energy and resources, such as paper and ink. With this new log-in, the technology department is actually able to keep track of who is printing what.

Students can agree that many are guilty of making too many copies of a certain paper, accidentally pressing print too many times, or just printing off worthless images. “This system lets us get an idea on who is doing the most printing, whether it be the teachers, the office staff, or the students,” said Mr. Pohlen.