Local coffee house makes great after-school hangout

Meredith Gallagher

Located less than 30 seconds from BSM, Harvest Moon Coffee Shop is the perfect place to go after school. A welcome change from Caribou and Starbucks, this independently-owned coffeehouse uses beans from a specialty roaster right in Cannon Falls, ensuring freshness and great taste. Along with smoothies, frappuccinos, and delicious mint mochas, Harvest Moon also offers a full menu of sandwiches, quesadillas, salads, and–possibly the best part–Sebastian Joe’s ice cream.

Though situated in the middle of St. Louis Park, Harvest Moon has the feel of an authentic city coffeehouse. Pictures taken by local photographers line the wall, and the shop often plays host to live music acts for aspiring singers. With the winter months right around the corner, Harvest Moon is the ideal place to get some homework done after school or just relax with friends around the fireplace.