The new freshmen experience

These days, freshmen are welcomed into the halls of BSM with warm smiles and hundreds of helping hands. With 236, they are one of the largest class in BSM history. About 36% of the incoming class are coming from non-religious schools and 1% are entering from out of state – this year will about a lot of change for these students. So far Link Crew has been there to give help to any freshman whenever it is needed. The school has worked hard to make sure that these new students feel at home in the halls of BSM.

This is hugely different from the days when the Big Sister, Big Brother program was the only option for freshmen-upperclassmen relations. This program consisted of one freshman to one senior pair-up. Sometimes this program had a positive outcome, with the freshman finding a friendly confidante in their older and experienced Big Sibling. And sometimes the freshman were subjected to perform embarrassing tasks assigned by their Big Brother or Sister. This program fizzled out in the latter part of the nineties, and with it went the rituals that initiated the freshmen into the high school hallways. Freshman, class of 2013: consider yourselves lucky.

When these freshmen entered BSM on orientation, they were greeted by about seventy outgoing, energetic, lively people cheering for them as they walked through, “the gauntlet.”  The juniors and seniors dedicated their last day of summer to making sure that freshmen would know they have somebody to help them out once school started.

The gauntlet was just one of the many activities that Link Crew held during the day to welcome the new freshman.  Along with this were other games that helped freshmen to get to know each other and familiarize themselves with the school.

The new Link Crew planned to make the year as best as possible for the freshmen, and helping them out were the coordinators, Ms. McDonald, Mr. Picard, Mr. Porisch, and Ms. Rasmussen.

The Link Crew leaders worked hard to make the first day, and remainder of the year, stress-free for the new students.  “My leaders were awesome and energetic,” said Sam Hafermann, a previous BSM junior high student (and now a freshman).

Abby Minea was one of many freshmen coming from another school to BSM this year.  “My first day was a mix of being nervous and excited,” said Minea, “Link Crew made me feel really comfortable coming here.”

The coordinators of Link Crew were pleased at how the year has started.  “The leaders this year came in very organized and with a lot of motivation,” said one of the Link Crew coordinators, Mr. Picard, “They didn’t mind if they were the center of attention; they were willing to be in the background as long as they made things happen.”

Mr. Picard said, “I think the freshmen really liked the orientation, and I think that they appreciated being known by someone in the upper class.”

In a year’s time, the school will be welcoming another grade of freshman into their doors, and the class of 2013 will no longer be the underdog. Before you know it, freshmen, you will be seniors proudly stalking the halls. Your time in high school goes by faster than you think.