Aimee Brown — News Editor

Aimee Brown -- News Editor

Aimee Brown laughs constantly, always eats Choco-Tacos in the hallway after lunch, and is the future editor of the News section in the Knight Errant. Her after-school activities include whipping up coffee coolers at Caribou, playing on Benilde-St. Margaret’s girls hockey team, and just chilling with friends. You can find Aimee at your local Byerly’s, not because she works there (if you didn’t catch it before, she works at Caribou,) but because the self-check-out machines at Byerly’s are a recent obsession. 16-year-old Aimee Brown is 100% positive that she wants to be a forensic scientist like the guys and gals on CSI, but is still undecided about her favorite color, blue or green.