Katie Hoesley — Online Sports Editor

Katie Hoesley -- Online Sports Editor

Katie is the definition of might and power. In 1941, she led a prolific team of scientists into the frozen tundra of Antarctica to discover a more visceral aspect of the Polar Bear. However, tragedy struck and her team suffered from intense frostbite. Hoesley was able to capture a killer whale and created a dwelling out of his underbelly. There, they were provided with warmth, but in the worst, most graphic conditions. After the team was rescued, Hoesley struggled to adapt to regular life after the week she spent in the killer whale which she referred to as “a harrowing but team building experience.” Through cryogenic freezing, Hoesley was revived to tell her heroic tale in Benilde-St. Margaret’s very own Knight Errant, where she makes her mark as the new Online Sports Editor. Go Hoesley!