Emily Beh — Staff Writer

Emily Beh -- Staff Writer

Princess Emilia Behntington was born into the lavish high society of Chester-ham-york-field-shire during the reign of King Erik Waldrolot. She was raised to be prim and proper at all times, lest she disgrace her high ranking family. However, Emily grew restless and rebellious against the high class which smothered her; at the age of seventeen, she stole away into the dark woods with her secret love, Kártersch, the gypsy boy who lived in the caravan of the forest.  After the excruciating, terrifying, and dangerous initiation ceremony of hunting a rare mountain dragon in the foothills with only a crossbow as protection, Emilia was accepted into the troupe of nomads and given the name Esmerelda Rehánæ.  Esmerelda now lives with her fourtune telling, belly dancing, pick pocketing ‘kin’ and feels more secure than she ever did in the grand estates of the rich.  She also takes pleasure in taking a rest from pouring over dusty volumes by candlelight to submit her work to the Knight Errant.