Project Runway returns on new network

Rachel Kaplan

After a long-awaited return due to a nasty legal battle, many fans were apprehensive about Project Runway’s network change from Bravo to Lifetime. Luckily, the worries that the move to a channel known for its cheesy straight-to-TV movies would mess with the Emmy -nominated reality show have been put to rest.

Though the network isn’t the only change––the show now takes place in Los Angeles instead of New York–the basic format has returned as great as ever, complete with fresh new challenges and a host of celebrity guest-judges (Lindsay Lohan and Rachel Bilson have already appeared). The same cast is back as well, with the lovable Tim Gunn, amusing Heidi Klum, and take-no-prisoners Nina Garcias and Michael Kors.

Season six promises to be entertaining: a space suit red carpet look and sad excuse for a dress leaving a model basically naked have already been shown on the runway, to the models’ chagrin. Lifetime also now offers a half-hour model-counterpart “Models of the Runway,” and all full episodes online in case you miss an episode. With two promising contestants from Minnesota as well, Christopher Straub from Shakopee and Ra’mon-Lawerence from Minneapolis, Runway proves there will be no sixth-season slump.