Margo Graff — Staff Writer

Margo Graff -- Staff Writer

While she lives on the streets of Minneapolis at night, Margo Graff swiftly slides into school everyday for food and an education. The lunch ladies sneak her in through the back door and she eats her heart out in breakfast sandwiches and hashbrowns. Through the rest of the day, she is caught stealthily walking throughout the halls dodging the school deans. When she got caught by the principal she used the alias of Jorma Bladovich, a foreign exchange student from Russia, and continued on walking through the halls. She spends her time stealing fashionable hockey sweatshirts and other clothing from kids car and sitting at BSM sporting events asking for spare change. Hockey is her sport, she just loves watching hockey players hit a puck up and down the ice, but secretly she has a crush for some hot swimmers. She recently worked at the State Fair pumping cows utters for a little extra change. To sum it all up, she now doesn’t secretly write for the Knight Errant because everyone can read this.