Red Knight Football Overcomes Injuries

Mike Geer

It has already been a long season for the Red Knights football squad. Though they have only had one game, BSM has been facing its greatest enemy since training camp: injury.

Over 25 percent of the Red Knights have been sidelined with “serious injuries”, which doesn’t count the numerous scrapes, bruises, soreness, and headaches that accompany any player who steps on the gridiron. “Injury is part of the game,” said senior JJ Hafermann, “but we didn’t expect so many guys to get hurt this bad.”

As of September 11th, current injured players include senior Bo Selleck, who is out for two more weeks with an ankle injury, junior Brian Febel, who has two to eight weeks to recover from a dislocated hip, senior John Cotter, who is out indefinitely with a stress fracture in his foot, and sophomore Mike Mahoney, who plays day to day depending on how his knee is feeling.

The list above includes less than half of the players who have been hurt so far this year. Seniors Ben Krebsbach and Nick Tourville and junior Tyler Nelson have been hampered by hand injuries, but are still able to play. Junior Mike Kruse and senior Andy Kalb have suffered and recovered from concussions. Senior Will Nelson appeared for the first time against Cooper since separating his shoulder earlier in the summer.

Those injured players are not the only ones suffering. “Since a lot of our team is out, the healthy guys have to fill their spots,” said senior Daniel Nelson. “I’m playing positions in practice that I haven’t played since seventh grade.”

Along with inexperience at some positions, the remaining able-bodied Red Knights have to deal with the fatigue of playing without a quarter of their team. “Imagine fielding every base in baseball, that’s about what its like,” says Nelson.

Despite injuries, exhaustion, and tough opponents, the Red Knights still have confidence in their ability to succeed this season. “We’re a tough team to beat when we’re playing hard,” said senior captain Ben Krebsbach. “It’ll be hard without Bo and Cotter and everyone else but we just have to do the best with what we have.” Against Cooper, BSM played shorthanded, yet still obtained a victory. Cooper was a challenge, but the Red Knights have already fought the battle against injury for the past two months, and just being able to put a contending team on the field is a victory in itself.