Bernardo Vigil — Staff Writer

Bernardo Vigil -- Staff Writer

Bernardo, commonly referred to as “Hey kid, move,” has had the most tragic life of all Knight Errant staffers, past, present, and future.  Born under the full moon, the child of a sky-traveling pirate based out of Mexico and a lonely gypsy woman, Bernardo has always lived on the outskirts of society.  Still, he was not dissuaded from working for the betterment of mankind, and all those who mocked him.  Bernardo worked tirelessly each day, traveling from North Carolina to a secluded Chinese temple, uphill, both ways, on roller-skates, while being flogged by guitar playing pandas, to learn to better serve his fellow man and to spread his message of peace, prosperity and chill.  Bernardo has developed a small but devoted following who live by the mantra “Listen to Bernardo and Prosper,” who are, as we speak, planning their next attack on mainstream culture and society.