Math department hosts annual dogfest

Jasmine McFarlane

What was once a cafeteria soon changed to a show floor as tables were pushed to the side in order for the nine dogs and owners to show off their skills and talents. Student council made it a top priority to add dogfest to their activity calendar again this year. The event brought together a mixture of students and faculty, accompanied by their furry friends.

Dogfest originated when a dog lover in student council wanted to put something together for dogs. Since then, dogfest has been an annual event at BSM. “It is a fairly small event. It brings a nice variety of students who normally aren’t involved in a school event,” said Rasmussen.

This year the math department chose to take over dogfest as part of their chaperoning duty. The math teachers critiqued the special talents, skills, and struts of the dogs. In the end, no one was left empty handed–every dog went home with a prize.

There were a variety of dogs from pugs, shitzus, labradors, and many more. “I have a pug named Toby,” said Hailey Hamilton.

At dogfest, owners shared stories of their fondest memories of their dogs. “My dog is very blind and can’t smell very well. My mom always loves to give her popcorn so we throw it at her and it hits her face, but my mom has to point down to the piece of popcorn because she can’t smell or see,” said Katie Collver

Some first-time competitors got to experience their first and last dogfest “I’ve always wanted to bring my dog to dogfest, but I’ve always had softball. This year I planned ahead and had my parents bring her,” said Katie Collver.