American classics at Convention Grill in Edina

chloe quinn

Turn on the television, read the paper, or listen to the radio and there’s surely going to be something about the battle against unhealthy food, hydrogenated oils, or saturated fats. Sure, it’s important to maintain a healthy diet and exercise regularly too, but occasionally it’s important to just sit back and enjoy a meal without calculating the caloric intake or worrying about a button popping off a waistband.

Established in 1934, Convention Grill in Edina offers a satisfying meal for the hungry customer; it isn’t a place for junk food, just authentic all-American dining. Here, people go by the motto “the more grease, the better,” and you can’t go wrong because everything on the menu tastes delicious.

Convention Grill looks like a hybrid between a diner straight out of the fifties and an eighties interior makeover gone wrong. The front room, complete with a checkered floor, a jukebox, a silver counter with stools, and a whiff of grease, offers a close-up view of the grills and fry-pans. Everything ordered is prepared on-the-spot from the mouth-watering burgers to the freshest french fries.

The menu is basic; for entrees one can order chicken noodle soup, caesar salad, various varieties of burgers with toppings, or sandwiches like a grilled cheese or a reuben. Then there are the outstanding home-style fries: hot with grease from the pans, salted, and with the skins still on; the tasty fries are available in two sizes, and the basket is big enough for two people.

What better way to top off an already fantastic meal than with a classic malt, sundae, or float? The thick, gooey malts come in 15 flavors including banana and coffee served in a stainless steel cup; the award winning hot-fudge sundae is a must, and the root beer floats do the trick on those hot, sticky summer days.

The atmosphere at Convention Grill is friendly and casual; people of all ages come here to indulge themselves in the grill’s greasy glory and the nostalgic ambiance. However, the place is relatively small and extremely popular; no reservations are allowed and there is often a 10 to 15 minute wait.

Despite the possibility of a waiting line, the food is undeniably gratifying and the prices are more than reasonable; the fries go for $2, while the malts are $4, and the entrees are around $5 to $7. Convention Grill is not the place for the health-conscious or those who follow the fat-free lifestyle; here, nearly everything is made with a spoonful of grease and a whole lot of love––a true slice of Americana.