Miley still idolized after film

Katie McClurg

Audiences expected a “High School Musical”-esque film with a fusion of hip-hop and country, and they got that, but they also got a touching story line, really, the “Best of Both Worlds.”

Contrary to many expectations, theaters showing “Hannah Montana: The Movie” were not just filled with screaming tween girls, but a mixture of adults, teens (girls AND boys), and of course young kids. And the movie gave a little bit of everything: funny, cheesy, and sad moments to satisfy all of them.

The movie was bound to be a success due to the star’s immensely popular Disney reputation, and with all the typical co-stars debuting on the big screen they bring with them the same plot-lines, problems, and quirkiness. Miley is joined on screen with Hannah’s best friend Lilly, her brother Jackson, other regulars like Rico and Oliver, and of course Hannah’s Dad (the real Billy Ray Cyrus) wouldn’t miss an opportunity to relive his singing career with his teen sensation daughter.

The movie centers around the pop star’s double life and the not-so glamorous side of it, and even though the “difficulty” of her life may have been over-played, it was relatable and reinforced her message that “nobody is perfect.” After becoming caught up in the glamor of Hollywood, Miley’s Dad takes her to their hometown in Tennessee to show her what’s important in life. Here, new characters like Miley’s grandma, the cute cowboy Travis, and the scheming paparazzi create new drama that lead Miley into more trouble, boy drama, and on a search for her identity.

With the movie came a whole new soundtrack of Miley’s bubble-gum pop music. Even though the sing-along tweens in the audience needed to shut up, they might have been onto something; even adults were tempted to join in, for the songs were undeniably catchy. The majority of the music was dancy like “Let’s Get Crazy” and “Hoedown Throwdown,” which are already topping the charts, but they were countered by touching songs like “The Climb” and “Butterfly Fly Away.” The movie also featured other artists like Billy Ray Cyrus, Rascal Flatts, and fellow teen sensation Taylor Swift.

Even with a few cringe-worthy, corny moments, overall, “Hannah Montana: The Movie” is worth seeing, whether or not you are a fan of the pop star.