Gun control needed amidst frenzy to buy guns

Elizabeth Tiffany

If you’ve watched, read, or listened to the news in the last few months you’ve probably heard that recently in the United States gun sales have reached an all-time high––and that consequently, murder rates, too, are at an all-time high, with over 50 people slaughtered by guns in the month of March alone.
It’s become clear that something is definitely wrong.

Despite this sudden craze for United States citizens to buy guns and kill each other, the government has done little––if anything––to help the situation. Consequently, more and more people are taking this problem into their own hands by purchasing guns to defend themselves against a potential gun massacre.

Do you see the problem here? No? Well, let’s think: People are getting killed by guns. Buying more guns to shoot more people so that you don’t get shot is ridiculous. Can’t we see that the guns and lack of gun control laws are the problem?

Instead of the government focusing all of its attention on the economy, it needs to be devoting at least some of its time to implementing laws making it harder to purchase and use guns––especially guns of military caliber––which have obviously been used for destructive purposes against innocent people.

The National Rifle Association (NRA) should also be blamed for this recent outbreak of killing sprees, due to its staunch opposition to any gun control law––even if it is logical––and convincing law-abiding gun carriers that the government will take away all guns if any gun control law is put into place.
To solve this problem, the government needs to make a compromise. People––though it pains me to say this––should still be able to have guns.

But in order for people to continue to be able to bear arms, guns shouldn’t be nearly as readily available as they are today; we need to control what guns people are allowed to purchase and who is purchasing them.
No matter how the government decides to handle this situation, they had better act quickly, or else more gun massacres will occur and more citizens will purchase guns, thus perpetuating this downward spiral.