Emma Berglund crowned Prom Princess

This past Monday during homeroom, seven senior girls with their escorts–Kellie Hartmann and David Greco, Megan Beacom and Tyler Brown, Kaia Preus and Griffin Muckley, Sarah Kolller and Spencer Miller, Julie Baumgartner and Jake Rocheford, Kelsey Daley and Joe Kunitz, and Emma Berglund and Jack Michurski–lined up on stage awaiting prom princess coronation.

With Sarah Crawford and Celia Fulco as masters of ceremony and Mike Hansberry as Mr. BSM, seniors and juniors packed the theater anxiously awaiting the crowning during the last dance coronoation for the year.

After seniors cast their votes for prom princess last week, Emma Berglund was crowned as the 2009 prom princess at Monday’s coronation ceremony.

Cheers erupted from her many devoted supporters as the sparkly crown was lain upon her head.
Each couple, along with the masters of ceremony and Mr. BSM, were taken to breakfast at Byerley’s Restaurant in St. Louis Park after taking pictures.

Though only Berglund has the title of prom princess, each candidate received a free ticket to the dance. An additional free ticket was given to Brian Thue, who won the contest to design this year’s prom ticket.

This year’s prom theme is A Knight’s Tale. “We tried to pick a theme that would interesting and something more original than usual,” said junior Student Council President Erin Katopodis.
Prom will be held at an unusual location this year–the Minnesota History Center. “It’s cool because we’ll be eating underneath a hanging airplace, and the dance floor is on the third floor with a huge window facing the State Capitol,” said Katopodis.

Prom festitivites begin April 25 with the Grandmarch, beginning at 6 pm.