Pro-life group writes to senators

Sara Schlueter

The pro-life group at BSM is taking yet another step to get their voice heard on the issue of respect for all life.  Headed by senior Maria Dzurik, the group spent two days in the lunch room to get students to fill out postcards to senators and representatives voicing their support for the Pregnant Women Support Act and their disapproval for the Freedom of Choice Act.

The Pregnant Women Support Act is hopes to give those women who are pregnant another option to abortion.  According to the bill, three out of four women have an abortion because they feel that they can’t afford to have the baby.  This act would allow these pregnant women access to medical care, providing services to women who may have a child with disabilities, and giving new mothers free home visits by registered nurses.

The pro-life group wanted to get as many kids as possible to sign up for the support of this bill, so that people in government could see opinions people  may have on the issue.  “You don’t even have to be pro-life to agree with this bill.  It’s just about helping mothers,” said Dzurik.
Between the two bills, 80 BSM students and faculty showed their opinions on the issue.