Unigo gives an honest look at colleges

chloe quinn

Researching colleges may be an exciting experience to begin with, but students still struggle to find the time they need to focus on their academic futures with their overly-packed schedules; unfortunately, the down-turned economy makes visiting colleges impractical, as well. The Web site Unigo is a smart option for students who want to learn about the colleges and universities around the United States without the hassle of spending the big bucks on mountains of school guides or airfare.

Created by students specifically for students, Unigo brings a nice change to the college search process because here students can say what they really think and know about their schools; the information on Unigo does not come from misleading brochures, which only manage to say the good things about the schools they advertise. Unigo gives an uncensored look at college life and could be a beneficial resource for those who want to know more than what admissions counselors and tour guides are willing to say.

Students in both high school and college can become registered users so that they can communicate with other students from around the world who share similar interests in schools. In addition, members can rate schools and even post photos and videos on the site to help prospective students get a taste of life on campus.

The Web site has an extensive database of four-year colleges and universities including the general statistics on size, ACT and SAT scores, number of student organizations, rankings on such topics as professor accessibility, arts culture, and Greek life, plus fast facts on traditions, sports, and more.

Unigo prides itself on students’ involvement; every day students write and post hundreds of reviews on colleges hoping to spread the word about their schools–both positive and negative. Another helpful element of the site includes the featured articles written by Unigo’s student editors from various schools; topics cover everything from studying abroad to financial aid.

Amidst all the stress of researching and applying to colleges, Unigo is a priceless source for real information from real people where students can even find college matches based on their own personal preferences. Although the site is free, it is overseen by paid editors who ensure that Unigo remains professional and useful for students looking for an honest site that will make the tiring college search more efficient.