Boys’ Basketball Victory Over Delano Tigers In Sections

Mike Geer

The Red Knights backed up their number four seed against fifth seeded Delano in a 70-47 rout in the first round of boys’ basketball sections on March 11.

After jumping ahead 17-6 early in the first half, the Red Knights did not look back and held onto their lead largely due to aggressive defense. “We were all over them,” said junior Darren Glover. “We knew we had to come out hard, cause if we lose, we’re out.”

When section seedings were being assigned, the 20-3 Delano Tigers were angry to be seeded underneath the 16-10 Red Knights. Delano justified their complaint by insinuating that the best record should have the higher seed, but Delano did not factor in the skill of the teams they were playing. “Records don’t mean nothin’ if you play bad teams,” said Glover.

Either way, the Red Knights did not relent against the Tigers by keeping the defense aggressive and playing together as a team. They didn’t get selfish, kept the ball moving, and worked for a shot every time.

One of the highlights of the game came late in the second half, when coach John Moore gave many of the seniors the honor of finishing of the game. Not willing to relent in the slightest, senior Dan Emanuel scored five points in four minutes, showcasing his range by sinking a deep three. “I didn’t want to show any mercy,” said Emanuel. “Mercy means weakness. I’m not weak.”

The victory left the Red Knights pumped and ready for their next section game against Minneapolis Washburn.