Chef Paul teaches about French Cuisine

Sarah Koller

As part of the Multicultural Week Festivities, French students had the unique opportunity to witness a nationally renowned chef display his elite cooking skills. Chef Paul P. Laubignat, clad in a crisp white button-down, apron, and chef hat, gave a mini lesson about his home country while preparing traditional French crepes. With a temporary stove top, the process was put on much like a Food Network cooking show. All of this, of course, was done completely in French.

While waiting for his cooking ingredients to be prepared and heated, Mr. Laubignat humorously told stories of catching fish by hand during low tide in France, climbing the Eiffel Tower only using the steps, and trying to pick up the English language when first coming to America. The story telling stopped the moment two delectable, freshly prepared chocolate mousse crepes were laid in front of each audience member. “They were so good they could’ve killed me,” said Senior Ali Myhre.

Currently serving as a cuisine adviser for Taher, Mr. Laubignat has cooked in cities across the country including Maui, Los Angeles, New York City, Chicago, Milwaukee, and even local Wayzata. This experience, and his likable personality, is what has earned him the nick-name Paul “the Profesor” Laubignat. From a taste of his fabulous foreign cooking, eloquent language, or stories of his French youth, it was truly possible to catch a glimpse of France during his visit.