BSM news show returns for second semester

Kate Baldwin

After countless rumors about why BSM’s popular television news show Knightline wasn’t being broadcast during first semester, the show has finally returned to its regular homeroom broadcasting schedule for second semester.

“It was really a misunderstanding that Knightline was gone,” said Mr. Fran Roby. The students of BSM cannot be blamed for jumping to conclusions when they went through an entire semester without the beloved newscast of Knightline, but don’t worry, it has returned.  “Second semester is all about Knightline,” said Mr. Roby.

“This was a change,” said Mr. Roby, referring  to why there was no episode of Knightline available first semester. “The reason I made the change was really for two reasons. First, I wanted a more in-depth, out of school project for the students to do to experience broader, more in-depth topics. The second was so that they had more time to learn the skills needed before producing an episode of Knightline.”

Instead of working on Knightline for first semester, the students of the class instead worked on their in-depth video project. “They worked on it all second quarter, about two months,” said Mr. Roby, “and for the first quarter we focused on the skills of editing and other aspects of creating a video.”

With these in-depth video projects, students had the option of turning them into the C-SPAN StudentCam national video contest and two students did: seniors Matt Myers and Andrew Christenson. “We will find out the winners in the spring,” said Mr Roby.

The first prize winner of the contest receives $5000 and will be interviewed on national televion. “It’s a lot of recognition,” said Mr. Roby, “and I think that the videos they entered have a good chance of winning.”

Now that they have completed their in-depth video and learned all the skills attributed to video journalism, the time has come to give back Knightline to the rest of the school.

For anyone who wishes to be a part of Knightline, the show is not just for those who signed up for the class. “I encourage anyone who wants to participate and get involved to come and be a part of Knightline,” said Mr. Roby. Whether it is editing the footage or anchoring an episode, any interested student should see Mr. Roby. “Just come and talk to me or anyone in the class. We would love to have you,” said Mr. Roby.