Father Ray East united us with a message of peace

chloe quinn

In a world where conflicts over religion may lead to violence and even war, Father Ray brings us back to reality, reminding us that battles over superior beliefs should not be confused with using religion to find balance in our lives.  As Father Ray demonstrates, faith is peace, respect, and showing others you care, rather than a tool for excluding those who are different from you.  Father Ray is a true and honest man, and he renews this perspective of religion in the BSM community.

He has a unique ability to get students involved and connect to all who have the opportunity to hear him.  He’s not afraid to share his passion for his faith, and his positive attitude seems to permeate throughout the school whenever he comes to deliver Mass at BSM.  Regardless of whether you are Catholic or not, you can’t help but smile at the look of happiness on his face when he sings and dances, encouraging students to join him.  Father Ray embodies a deep love and shining enthusiasm for his work as a leader in the faith community; we here at BSM are so privileged to have the chance to listen to a man who carries such heart and soul everywhere he goes.