BSM names 2009 Valedictorians and Salutatorian

Devon Fitzgerald

After seven semesters of long nights studying, hundreds of cups of coffee, and completing even the most tedious homework assignments, this year’s valedictorians and salutatorian have been announced. Seniors Amelia Raether and Griffin Muckley are the class of 2009 valedictorians, while senior Greta Wiessner now holds the title of salutatorian.

While all three are happy with their new titles, they also say they did not enter high school hoping to be valedictorian. “Freshman and sophomore year [I wasn’t trying for valedictorian], junior year I decided I’d try my hardest, and then [last] semester I had gone six semesters so what’s one more?” said Muckley.

For Raether, the case was the same. “I wouldn’t say it was a main priority, just an added bonus,” she said.

Both took rigorous courses throughout high school, and for Muckley, Ms. Leider’s junior year American Literature class almost cost him his 4.0 GPA. “It came down to the final,” he said.

For Raether, there were several classes, including ninth grade honors English, AP Composition, AP Biology, and AP US History, where she nearly lost her perfect GPA. “The grade isn’t as important as the rigor of the class,” said Raether, whose schedule has been packed with years of advanced classes, speech team, soccer, and journalism.

Muckley, who is also involved in speech, journalism, countless school plays, and the bowling team, has advice for underclassmen. “Keep up with homework, because if you do homework then you have to study less.”

Salutatorian Greta Wiessner’s academic GPA is nearly spotless––except for one “A-” in Ms. Maine’s Intro to Art class freshman year. “I’m just bad at art,” she said.

Wiessner’s years at BSM have been filled with basketball, student council, RKVC, NHS, peer ministry, two jobs outside of school, along with a schedule full of AP classes. “It’s not as much about the GPA as the classes,” she said.

Next year, Wiessner has a variety of colleges to choose from, including Boston College and University of Wisconsin-Madison. Muckley will either be attending Loyola University Chicago or Depaul University, while Raether will be attending Dartmouth College.