Spring Break Length Increased for 2010

Kate Baldwin

Calling all freshman, sophomores, and juniors––sorry seniors, but this does not apply to you, get ready for spring break 2010. The school calendar for the 2009-2010 school year has been posted and it shows a two week spring break.

“This is highly unusual,” said Dr. Sue Skinner, principal, “The only reason we’re doing it is because the National Catholic Educational convention is being held in Minneapolis during the week after Easter.”

“The Archbishop has asked that all Catholic schools allow their teachers to attend,” said Dr. Skinner. There are not enough substitute teachers in the area to fill in for the teachers at BSM, and without teachers, there is no point in students showing up for class. “We still need to give teachers a spring break,” said Dr. Skinner, “so that’s why we have the week prior off too.”

Juniors, a special message to you. Next school year as seniors, BSM has scheduled that the time between your last day and the date of graduation has been increased. Instead of getting out of school only a week earlier than everyone else, the senior class of 2010 is finishing school almost two weeks before the rest of the school. “Senior exams (in 2010) will be finished before Memorial Day,” said Dr. Skinner

But all students attending BSM next year should consider themselves lucky. Although it seems as if there is less school, the rest of the school year’s schedule remains the same. “Regarding the number of student contact days, next year we will have one less contact day than this year,” said Dr. Skinner.

To the students attending BSM next year, start thinking about how you might spend your two-week spring break next year, since this may be the last time it happens for Benilde-St. Margaret’s. “Spring break will go back to being one week for 2011,” said Dr. Skinner, “This is a one year thing. After next year we go back to having 175 student contact days .”