Frosh performs on mat and stage

Caitlin Ritchie

Underneath his red hair, you may find freshman Ned Meeker to be different than you first thought. His diverse combinations of hobbies and involvements differ from the average student, and his stories may get you wondering, “Just who is Ned Meeker?”

Meeker is a strong kid, and to stay strong he plays lacrosse, boxes, and wrestles. “I am an angry human being, and I need someone to punch in the face once in a while,” Meeker said about his love of boxing. He also enjoys straight up fighting with his brother and hopes to someday use his intense love for fighting as a member of the United States Marine Corps.

Do not let Ned’s strong physique fool you because Meeker also enjoys theater along with his more physical hobbies. As Capulet in this year’s fall production of Romeo and Juliet, Meeker wowed audiences with his theatrical talent. Mrs. Maura Brew, director of Romeo and Juliet and the One Act Play, said Meeker “is an up and coming and very talented actor.” “He often surprises himself with his own talent which is really exciting to see,” she said.

“I first got into [theater] in eighth grade when I was cast as the genie in ‘Aladdin,’” he said. Ever since then, Meeker has been fascinated with the stage. Now a part of the One Act Play, Meeker helped the cast win second place at the BSM meet and earn their way to the section tournament. He also received the All-Conference award for his outstanding performance in the One Act Play.

Along with these talents, Meeker also had the great gift of red hair bestowed upon him, due to his Irish heritage. He does not want you to be fooled by his hair though. “I am not a ginger! I am a day walker, I have a soul!” he said. He is one of the few but respected day walkers, or redheads without freckles, and therefore he refuses to be grouped with the overly freckled gingers of the world.

Although Meeker is often incorrectly noted as a ginger, he is known by the nickname Neddy Nine Fingers, which is slightly misleading because Meeker does have all ten fingers. “When I was seven a hockey skate ran over my pinkie and I have no feeling in it now,” he said.

This injury, although one of his worst, was not nearly as bad as when Meeker accidentally shot himself.  “I shot myself in the armpit one day when I was hunting alone. I tripped and the gun fell and shot me,” he said. His left arm is thus much weaker than his right.