Girls’ Hockey Victorious in a Cross-Town Rival Against St. Louis Park

Thersea Lau

The girls’ hockey team faced off against and beat St. Louis Park on Thursday, Jan. 29, winning their cross-town rivalry once again. Despite the win, the girls think they could have done better. “We didn’t play as good as we could have I wouldn’t say,” said junior forward Maddie Jobe. 

Goals scored by juniors Maddie Bergh and Margot Fleming and senior Julie Baumgartner, along with two by sophomore Jordyn Burns, gave the girls a 5-1 victory over the Orioles.

Having not lost this rivalry since 2006, the girls expected the win. “Their best player was out with a broken arm. We were hoping for a bigger win,” said captain Megan Forcier.  

The team had been hurting that week after the news that captain Lindsay Domaas would not be returning to play in any games this season. The defenseman broke her ankle during a game versus Wayzata this December that forced her to have surgery. The injury made her unable to participate in sports for six to eight weeks.

With her ankle nearly healed, the team expected Domaas to return soon; that, however, changed quickly. On Monday, Jan. 26 she had an another surgery on her ankle due to an unanticipated infection. 

“I noticed my ankle looked really weird, so I went to the doctor,” said Domaas. “I guess my ankle was badly infected, so I had emergency surgery that day. It had nothing to do with the bone, but it still forced me not to be back to hockey the rest of the season.” 

Domaas may have a good attitude about the ordeal, but she said she’s sad to miss her senior season. “It’s a bad situation that I didn’t want, especially not my last year playing here,” said Domaas. “But I have had a good three years playing for BSM.”

Despite the blow, the team has had a good season; the victory over the Orioles gave the girls their seventh consecutive win. “Losing Domaas was tough, we miss her, but the rest of the team has been able to step-up and we have had a really good season,” said junior captain Melissa Borer. “We are just hoping to keep that up and get to State again this year.”