Totino Teacher takes over Spanish Classes

Rachel Kaplan

After the administration announced that Spanish teacher Mrs. Lidibette Rosado-Guzman would be taking over the vacant spot of the  diversity coordinator, it became clear that someone would need to teach some of her classes.

Intending to answer an ad in the Star Tribune, St. Louis Park resident Ms. Maggie Masica decided to deliver her resume and application materials to BSM in person. Luckily enough, as she handed in her materials,  Ms. Rosado-Guzman walked up, and after overhearing that Ms. Masica was there for the Spanish sub position, started conversing quickly in Spanish. Things fell into place, and by November, Ms. Masica was in the classroom teaching along Guzman, preparing for when the classes would be her own. “Ms. Guzman has been really helpful with the transition,” said Ms. Masica.

From the small town of Sauk Centre, Minnesota, Ms. Masica graduated with a class of only 130 students.During her junior year in college, she stayed with a host family in Spain for four months that she said was instrumental in her Spanish speaking experience. “Being immersed totally takes you to the next level and opens your eyes to the culture,” she said.

After college, Ms. Masica got her master’s degree and teaching license  from the University of St. Thomas.

Ms. Masica has taken over three of Mrs. Guzman’s Spanish III classes and is transitioning well to BSM, as she recently student taught at Totino Grace High school. “I really liked Totino Grace and I felt the same hospitality here at BSM,” she said.

Although “still in the learning process” of teaching, Ms. Masica has some clear goals she wants to work on in her Spanish classes, which include participation and preparatory work for future Spanish. “Getting people talking and ready for Spanish IV is definitely important,” she said, “I want students to hear Spanish for 45 minutes every day in class and get them to practice for at least 15 minutes of Spanish once they get home. That’s my main goal.”