Ken Pauly Wins His 300th Hockey Game

Aimee Brown

Coach Ken Pauly is quickly achieving incredible heights in his career as a high school hockey coach, already holding a total of 300 game-victories. 

Head coach for the Red Knight boys’ varsity hockey team, Coach Pauly has celebrated 19 years with Benilde-St. Margaret’s. Enjoying the refreshing aspect of high school hockey, he said, “It never gets old. I think another level would feel like more of a job.”

Taking his 300th victory against Spring Lake Park at the BSM home arena on January 9, Coach Pauly is already starting off with a great new year. As a celebration, Coach Pauly said, “My assistant coaches took me out to dinner.”  

Coming from a background of hockey, Coach Pauly played for Wayzata High School and moved on to become a member of the St. John’s University team. He has also coached at Minnetonka, where he guided the team for three years in between coaching at BSM.

“Teachers and coaches were the greatest influences on my life. I wanted to be like those people,” said Coach Pauly. Inspired by the incomparable energy that comes from both school and sport, Coach Pauly was able to decide his career paths. As a teacher in BSM’s social studies department and head coach of boys’ varsity hockey, Coach Pauly is able to commit himself to aspects he most values in those around him.

With many games and memories to reflect on, Coach Pauly has a lot to take pride in. “I’ll always remember the first team that I coached at BSM when we defeated Red Wing at the old Bergwell Arena…And it doesn’t get much better than when we defeated Tonka in the Section finals at Mariucci last season to earn BSM’s first trip to the class 2A tournament.”

Using varying methods and techniques to come out with a successful season, Coach Pauly said, “Strategies change from game to game, but we’ve always tried to play an aggressive game at both ends of the rink that features a lot of passing and skill.”

Maintaining respect and high regard in the hockey world, Coach Pauly has led the Red Knights to the Section 6AA title and to third place at the 2008 Minnesota Class AA tournament. He has also been awarded as a 20 year member of the Minnesota Hockey Coaches Association and has set a majority of BSM’s hockey coaching records.